Start Times

Saturday 29th September

  • Cool Ideas Magalies Adventure Trail Run: 08.00
  • Cool Ideas Magalies Adventure MTB: 07.30

Sunday 30th September  

  • Cool Ideas Magalies Adventure - 50km: 08.00
  • Cool Ideas Mini Magalies - 25km: 08.15

Please Note: Participants briefing will commence 15 minutes before the start of each day. Participants who do not attend the race briefings and are not aware of changes made will not be accommodated if they miss their start time, or any similar issue related to their not attending the race briefing.
Please ensure you read the Tips & Instructions Mailer that you will receive in the week leading up to the event. If there are any changes, these will be announced in the newsletter.
The onus is on you to refer to the website and mailers to ensure you are kept up to speed with any changes of any sort.

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