Facilities & Checklist

Emergency and Medical Services 

  • Our EMS provider will assure you of their best attention at all times.
  • Each of the stages will have rescue vehicles with a minimum of one Intermediate Life Support crew.
  • An ambulance with fully trained crew will be based on the closest accessible public road to the race to transport any injured riders to the nearest suitable medical facility.
  • At the Start/Finish area a Medical Base will be available for riders to have minor injuries treated by a Doctor or relevant Paramedic or Physiotherapist staff for at least one hour after each stage finishes.
  • Marshals will be situated at strategic points along the route to guide riders and assist with safety, especially at crossings or blind intersections. They will be identifiable by their Bibs.
  • Officials will be positioned where riders have to cross public roads. They will endeavour to give riders right of way, but riders MUST OBEY THEIR EVERY COMMAND.
  • In the absence of a marshal or traffic officer riders are to comply with all traffic regulations.

Route Marking for the Stage Race 

  • The Cool Ideas Magalies Adventure route markers will consist of GREEN arrows on white background.
  • A popular marking technique is to use “Pink” stickers. These will be used along the route as well.
  • At strategic intersections, some roads or tracks may also be taped off with red/white danger tape to prevent riders from taking the wrong road.
  • The correct route may also be confirmed with white lime powder, or construction tape attached to grass or vegetation.

Stage Finishes 

  • All stages start and finish at The Cog & Sprocket.
  • All marshals must be obeyed, and in their absence traffic regulations are to be obeyed.
  • Riding recklessly or at high speed may result in an accident which may cost you a stage finish or the entire race - do not risk it!
  • Race etiquette is the mark of a top rider. A few seconds can easily be caught up over the next stage. (Please refer to the TLC MTB Code of Conduct)

Water and Food 

  • Riders are expected to carry sufficient water and nutrition for at least 45km.
  • There will be adequate water points on the route where energy drinks and water will be available. There is also a water point at the finish.

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