Facilities & Checklist

The Leverage Corporation Mountain Biking Code
• Respect the trail
- Respect the environment
- Respect wildlife
- No littering
• Respect your fellow rider
• Help others – you were a beginner once
• Respect the landowner – they make trails available for a race – not for your personal enjoyment when there isn’t a race – when a gate is closed, it’s closed – so don’t swear at landowners when confronted about trespassing
• If there’s a hill…. get over it
• Respect the marshals and officials
• No princesses or drama queens allowed – this one is mainly for the guys
• Adhere to the basics
- Ride with a helmet fastened at all times
- Stick to the rules of the road
• Train – well sort of
• Pay it forward – help others in need – you may need help one day
• Respect the basics
- Bring a cell phone
- Bring spares
- Carry enough liquid
• If you are doing a race, your goodie bag isn’t always going to be like Sani. Get over it
• Don’t trash the organisers on Social Media – have the balls to chat to them first
• If racing, follow the arrows – not the person in front of you
• Enjoy it – we get it that fitness and health are a big part of what you do, but enjoy it as well. Chill, Chat, Have a Cold One, Share Stories, Show off your toys, - enjoy it!

Emergency and Medical Services
• Each of the stages will have rescue vehicles with a minimum of one Intermediate Life Support crew.

• ER 24 is our event partner, and you can be assured of their best attention at all times.

• Each of the stages will have rescue vehicles with a minimum of one Intermediate Life Support crew.

• An ambulance with fully trained crew and a Paramedic will be based on the closest accessible public road to the race to transport any injured riders to the nearest suitable medical facility.
• At the Start/Finish area a Medical Base will be available for riders to have minor injuries treated by a Doctor or relevant Paramedic or Physiotherapist staff for at least two hours after each stage finishes.
• Marshals will be situated at strategic points along the route to guide riders and assist with safety, especially at crossings or blind intersections.
• Officials will be positioned where riders have to cross public roads. They will endeavour to give riders right of way, but riders MUST OBEY THEIR EVERY COMMAND.
In the absence of a marshal or traffic officer riders are to comply with all traffic regulations.

Route Marking for the Stage Race
• The Magalies Adventure route markers will consist of GREEN arrows on white background, with orange stickers on the route. If the arrow has been rotated or slipped from position, riders will still be able to determine the correct direction.
• At strategic intersections some roads or tracks may also be taped off with orange stickers to prevent riders from taking the wrong road.

• The correct route may also be confirmed with white lime powder, or stickers attached to grass or vegetation.

Neutral Zones
• Stages 1 and 2 will all have a neutral zone start until the end of the first km or until the lead motorcycle or quad bike pulls off the road or well ahead of the bunch. The speed will be limited and you are NOT PERMITTED TO PASS THIS VEHICLE IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE. Doing so will lead to immediate disqualification. (Please listen to the Chief Commissaire who will do the final briefing on race morning)

• Use this opportunity to warm up properly, and ensure to keep within sight of your partner.

• Be sure to keep a safe distance between yourself and the rider in front of you, and be ready to take avoiding action in case of any sudden braking.

• Try not to do anything unpredictable, keep your line and do not brake suddenly without reason.

Stage Finishes

• All stages start and finish at The Cog & Sprocket.
• All traffic officials and marshals must be obeyed, and in their absence traffic regulations are to be obeyed.
• Riding recklessly or at high speed may result in an accident, which may cost you a stage finish or the entire race - do not risk it!
• Race etiquette is the mark of a top rider. A few seconds can easily be caught up over the next stage.

Water and Food

• Riders are expected to carry sufficient water and nutrition for at least 45km.

• A minimum of 2 water points will be on the route where energy drinks and water will be available on both days. There is also a water point at the finish.

Start Zones and Seeding
Start zones: If there are to be batch starts, you will be notified of this in advance.
On the first Stage, the start zone AA will be reserved for Riders who provide sufficient evidence to justify a start in this position, and the rest of the riders will be seeded from A to E
• From Stage 2 start zone AA will contain the top 10 riders from each of the categories, based on their performance over the previous stage.
• Other Riders will be seeded overall according to their times and allocated in zones A to E.

• Riders must determine their start zone each morning from a list displayed at the Hospitality area.

• Do NOT try to move up into the start zone in front of you if you have already been allocated and signed in. Riders spotted doing this will be penalised.

First Aid and Paramedic Facility
ER 24, a professional team of qualified paramedics will be providing the first aid, search and rescue and paramedic services both on and off the course this year.

• Their base will be at The Cog & Sprocket.

• They can be consulted if you have any medical problems on your return from each stage for at least 1 hours after the finish on days 1 and 2.

• There will be 4x4 vehicles and quad bikes on the stages to attend to any mishaps or accidents/injuries which may occur.

• You will have emergency contact numbers for this service pre-printed on your race number.

Massage Facility

• A complimentary massage facility will be provided at the start/ finish, at the Hospitality area.
• Contact details of the massage therapists will be released closer to the event.

Bridgestone Bike Wash Facility

• There will be a controlled bike wash, sponsored by Bridgestone, next to the main finish area, and for those of you who did the previous Magalies Adventures, you know how special the bike wash can be.
• The facility will be open daily after each stage.

Important Note
For bike security it is recommended that riders wait for their bikes to be washed, and not leave them to be collected later.

Riders are requested not to leave accessories of value on the bike while it is being washed ie. computers, heart rate monitors, GPS receivers, pumps, saddlebags etc.

Once your bike has been washed, it is to be placed in the Bike Park in the designated area. Whilst the utmost care will be taken, The Magalies Adventure, race organisers, sponsors, landowners, helpers etc. will not be held responsible for any losses or damage to any bicycles, accessories etc. while bikes are being washed or at the bike wash facility.

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